About My Blog

David Aronson

Hi, I’m Dave. Thanks for reading my blog.

You might be wondering, “what the heck is a proof box“?

A proof box is a machine that bakers use to help accelerate the leavening process. You’d probably recognize it as that chamber underneath the oven at Subway:

As a former baker, the proof box in my mind is a bit larger, but that’s not important.

Inside a proof box, dough is heated to about 110 degrees. At that temperature yeast reacts more vigorously with flour and water, causing the dough to rise faster than it would at room temperature.

This blog is my virtual proof box. I’ll put my ideas inside, and hopefully our online or offline discussions will help them accelerate.

I’m planning to share my thoughts on entrepreneurship, business development, and fintech, mixed with some personal interests like baseball, breakfast, skiing, martial arts, and travel.

Views expressed here are strictly my own, and like the stuff that enters a real proof box, my ideas won’t be fully baked.

Your thoughts and comments are welcome. If you like what you read, feel free to share it.